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RHP has been the European knowledge centre for growing media since 1963 

RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees that the substrate meets the right quality requirements for water and air content, pH and for example EC. It also guarantees that the substrate is pure and clean and that it can be used without risks for the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw materials production until processing and delivery at the company of the user.
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  • June 27th - meeting Central College of Experts
  • September 27th - meeting Working Group Hygiene protocol substrate companies
  • September 27th - meeting Product Group Fertilizers and lime
  • November 2nd - meeting Product Group Peat
  • November 16th - meeting Product Group Organic products
  • November 30th - meeting Technical Commission
  • December 6th - meeting Product Group End products Horticulture
  • April 9th 2019 - meeting Product Group Mineral Products

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