The WOK analysis developed by RHP gives insight in the water uptake VELOCITY of GROWING MEDIA

The velocity of water uptake can strongly vary per substrate. The WOK analysis developed by RHP gives insight in the water uptake velocity of growing media. The analysis results help choosing the substrate that fits the way of cultivation most.

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Further improvement of recipes
Substrates have been composed of various raw materials and additives. Every part of the recipe has its own rate of water uptake. Insight in these values and how the raw materials and additives react to each other is important to advise the appropriate recipe per culture and culture method.

Explanation WOK analysis
In the event of a laboratory analysis, a substrate is brought to a very low moisture content in a standard method. Then the samples are put on a layer of water of a few millimetres for 24 hours. In this way it is examined how quickly the substrate takes up water under dry conditions. The water uptake is continuously measured at this. The time in which the substrate attains 50 percent of its potential water uptake, is determinant for the water uptake characteristic.

How quick is your substrate?
Do you want to develop your substrate recipes (further) so that water is taken up more quickly from a dry situation? RHP likes to advise you and can execute a WOK analysis on your request.

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