RHP certified substrates offer quality and increase security and safety

Every plant has its own wish list to be able to grow optimally. The choice for a safe substrate with the right properties is a first important step. Think of determining the right acidity of the potting soil, but also of the kind and quantity (trace) elements that are necessary for the optimal soil climate. The RHP quality mark puts requirements to the raw materials and the composition of fertilizers and other additives, that are added to the substrate. As a result you can trust that the certified companies have done everything to make sure that:

  • all substrates are pure and clean
  • every delivery has the same quality
  • the delivered substrate complies with the agreed specifications
  • risks are minimised to prevent pests and diseases


RHP certified substrates and the company processes of the certified companies are continuously tested on four parts:

RHP unique quality control systeem

In short, RHP certified substrates offer more security for an optimal start of your culture.

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