which quality marks exist?

the quality marks RHP Horticulture and RHP Mushrooms are relevant for Horticulture

The RHP foundation manages two quality marks: RHP and RAG. The certification has six different fields of application, each with its own spearheads, products and certified companies. For you as horticultural entrepeneur, the quality marks RHP Horticulture and RHP Mushrooms are valuable.

RHP Horticulture and RHP Mushrooms

RHP Mushrooms
The quality mark RHP Mushrooms offers mushroom growers more security that they use a responsible and practicable substrate. In the culture of mushrooms, the substrate ‘casing soil’ is a very important part. The most important function of casing soil is actually creating and retaining a water buffer. In this water buffer, the mycelium develops as basis for the mushroom. With the RHP Mushrooms quality mark you can trust that the composition of the various raw materials has been chosen in such a way that it complies with the requirements that EUREP-GAP has drawn up for a substrate.

Research by RHP
Together with the casing soil producers, RHP executes research into the physical characteristics of casing soil. In a first phase, ‘in-situ’ samples have been taken from casing soil that was brought in. In-situ samples are undisturbed samples which have directly been taken from a culture situation. The collective research leads to more insight and results in making the physical properties of casing soils measurable.

At the moment, amplified analysis methods are in development, so that by means of these analysis methods various casing soils can be distinguished. A foundation for tools is lain for the mushroom grower.

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