RHP has been the European knowledge centre for growing media since 1963

Advise and training

With courses and workshops RHP brings knowledge to employees of certified companies. A course or workshop can be organised in-company at a the location of a certified company or can take place at the office of RHP by individual registration.


Knowledge and development 

As knowledge center for substrates, RHP has performed research into potting soil and substrates for over 30 years. RHP aims to improve continuously the development of knowledge and insight in raw materials. Also much attention is paid to risk management and quality improvement. These subjects request an active quality policy (in the form of company visits by the technical advisors of RHP), risk analysis and corrective and preventive measures.

Quality mark for substrates

  • Quality assurance. Substrates with the RHP quality mark comply with the severest requirements for instance in the field of storage.
  • Lacking weeds. Substrates with the RHP quality mark are lacking weeds.
  • Research/knowledge center. Because of (innovative) research, the substrate demonstrably complies with the various quality standards. Agreements between grower and substrate supplier are checked with specifications.
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