OUR team


We are a small and close team, driven to support affiliated certified companies and to share our knowledge with them. We do this by giving them professional advice about working with new raw materials and working according to the quality mark standards. We can also provide support with independent and expert research in the event of damage.

In addition, we do various analysis for certified companies. This way we know that good and safe products are coming onto the market. Thanks to all this research, we have built up more than 30 years of substrate knowledge. This is one of the reasons why we can give good advice and keep our quality marks up to date.

Our team consists of various specialists, including a peat, compost, coir, wood fibre and fungus expert. They are supported by researchers and staff members.
Would you like to contact an expert? Or do you have questions about certification? Please contact us!

Supervisory Board RHP

The Supervisory Board is an internal controlling authority of the foundation RHP and consists of a chairman and four members.

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