Potting soil with the RHP quality mark is OF good Quality and PROVIDES MORE SECURITY THAT IT IS clean and safe

Good soil is important, because it is the basis for healthy growth and strong plants. But how do you decide whether the potting soil is good? The RHP quality mark is an independent quality mark for potting soil. So note the logo of RHP when you buy potting soil. When you see RHP on the bag, you know that you are buying a good and fair product. A guarantee for quality and safety. The quality mark is strictly inspected by the independent European inspection service ECAS. As a result you can trust that the certified companies have done everything to make sure that the potting soil with the RHP quality mark:

  • provides the best growth and flowering for your plants,
  • is pure and clean,
  • is guaranteed free of crop protection agents and pathogens,
  • complies with the specifications that are stated on the packaging.

Since 1963, RHP has been the European knowledge center for potting soil and substrates for consumer and professional horticulture. If you are a garden fancier and consider qualitatively good and clean potting soil important, RHP certified potting soil is the right choice.

In short, RHP certified potting soils offer quality and more security and safety.

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