What is Potting soil?

Potting soil is a collective term for various kinds of soil, especially for plants in pots and flower containers 

Garden-, pot- or bedding plant... The garden fancier had to use the soil that happened to be in the garden before. There was just no more choice anymore. Happily the enthusiastic gardener of today is in a lot better position. Many kinds of potting soil are available at garden centres, florists, Home Depots and supermarkets. This concerns both potting soil and garden soil. Garden soil is soil supply to be used in the garden.

What is potting soil?

Potting soil is a collective term for different kinds of soil with each their own composition and specific structure, especially for plants in pots and flower containers. Potting soil is lightweight, contrary to for instance the heavier dark garden soil.

What does potting soil exist of?

One of the biggest components of potting soil is peat. Peat is an age-old, natural raw material that has its origins in plant remains. Important property of peat is the absorbing capacity. It doesn’t only quickly absorb moisture, but it also retains it long. And then there are all growth stimulating advantages as well. An other important major component of potting soil can also be coir. Dependent on the use, peat is mixed with products like bark, coir, compost, sand, fertilizers and lime. In this way structure, composition (like an appropriate acidity or pH) and nutrients (the appropriate quantity and composition of the fertilizer or EC) together cause that the plant can root in its ideal soil. A healthy root system creates a better growth and allows the plant to stand sturdy.

What is frozen black peat?

Frozen black peat is a kind of soil that is very suitable to work through the top layer of the garden, in the root zone of the plants. The soil structure is improved and the soil fertility is increased. Because frozen black peat does not contain lime, it can be used well in the culture of acidophilic plants, for instance heather.

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