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Can already used soil from last year be re-used?

We all know the situation; the potting soil that has been in the pot or planter for a while, is looking good on the eye. Could this potting soil be recycled?

It is better not to recycle used potting soil. The necessary nutrients are no longer optimally present and certain minerals have accumulated by watering and fertilizing. Also the acidity (pH) has changed. Measuring the acidity and correcting it with lime doesn't offset buying new potting soil.

If diseases have affected the plants, it is always better to substitute the potting soil.

You don't have to throw away old potting soil though. Preferably use it for improving the organic matter content of the garden soil.

What is good potting soil?

What does potting soil extis of and what is good potting soil? A good potting soil ensures, among other things, that plants have sufficient moisture and air to the roots, so that you can enjoy beautiful and healthy plants and flowers. RHP potting soil provides an optimal start for your plants. Why choosing RHP potting soil? Click here.

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