what are soil covering materials?

Soil covering materials are well pourable, dry materials which can cover the soil surrounding the plants

Soil covering materials have among others a weed protecting effect. The upper layer also stays dry, so that weeds can't germinate. At the same time, soil covering materials let air and water through, because of which the plants grow optimally.

Advantages of the use of soil covering materials

  • The weed growth is restrained. Weed needs moisture and light to develop itself. In the dark under the soil covering materials weed might germinate, but can't develop itself.
  • The evaporation of the water in the soil is restricted. At the same time, the soil covering materials retains water.
  • Finally soil covering materials decay and can be used subsequently as soil improvers.

Soil covering materials with the RHP Consumer quality mark consist of organic products that finally decay slowly. Because of this, it contributes to the fertility of the soil. Soil covering materials have to be replenished regularly, to maintain the effect.

Bark: ideal ground cover that protects against moisture, frost and sun

Bark is an often used soil covering material in gardens. The bark originates for example from pines like Pinus (Coarse pine) and Picea (Norway spruce). Bark with the RHP quality takes care for the usual protection against moisture, frost and sun. Besides, bark avoids weed growth.

Finally bark will decay and contributes in this way to the fertility of the soil. Different from cocoa shells, bark is very suitable for using on (natural) Bark doesn't stick to Shoes for example. Also bark is often applied in playgrounds under the playground equipment.

Cocoa shells: a good ground cover that repels snails

Cocoa shells are hard materials and originate from the cocoa processing industry. The environmental friendly cocoa shells provided with the RHP quality mark among others protect against snails. In addition to that, the cocoa shells retain water by means of covering up the soil between the garden plants. The water in the soil can evaporate in a limited way. The cocoa shells also contain nutrients.

Just like bark, cocoa shells activate the soil life, because of which the fertility of the soil is increased. And weeds get less chance at the use of cocoa shells.

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