RAG certified soil and structure improvers offer quality and increase security and safety

With the RAG quality mark products are certified, that can be classified in three different fields of application:

  • RAG Landscaping: application in public green spaces
  • RAG Green Roof: application for green roofs and facades
  • RAG Soil supply: application in tree nurseries in the soil

All RAG quality marks put high requirements to the soil and structure improvers, which are finally used by the professional grower, authorities, park managers, contractors of infrastructure and gardeners. As a result you can trust that certified companies have done everything to make sure that all delivered products:

  • offer the utmost assurance because both product and process are controlled,
  • are free from the quarantine diseases,
  • are lacking weeds,
  • comply with a maximum salt content,
  • comply with the legal requirements concerning contaminations with heavy metals, PAK’s and mineral oil.

RAG certified substrates and the company processes of the certified company are continuously tested on four parts:

RHP monitor

In short, when you think quality, security and safety is important, you choose RAG certified soil and structure improvers.