Phytosanitary clean peat

Peat with the RHP quality mark IS also a safe product for packaging flowerbulbs, ready for export

For export of flowerbulbs peat is also used in the package. Peat is used as a filler in the sanitized crate to protect the flowerbulbs during transport against damage and dehydration.

Phytosanitary clean peat

Peat with the RHP quality mark originates from controlled areas, is phytosanitary clean and completely free from harmful nematodes. In the table you can see on which nematodes product samples of peat are checked. All product samples are free of plant-pathogenic nematodes. This is an indicator for the phytosanitary status of peat in general.

Hygienic measures and standards

After extraction of the peat, several hygienic measures and standards have to be followed. This prevents contamination of the peat during transport and production. The RHP quality mark requires full control over the production processes to effectively exclude possible contamination in the supply chain. Monitoring of processes is done by assessing 3 indicator organisms: weeds, nematodes and clubroot.

Highest possible safety

Peat with the RHP quality mark offers the highest possible safety, also for packaging flowerbulbs for transport overseas.

RHP nematodes check peat

Nematodes on which the peat is checked.

RHP phytosanitairy clean peat prevent contamination

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