Potting reference

The results of the potting reference help at choosing a substrate that fits THE potting behaviour and way of growing

Conscious potting is the basis of a good culture. Potting unconsciously too sturdy can actually lead to culture problems and growth inhibitions of the crop. The potting reference developed by RHP is a tool to measure potting density and to compare it to reference values. The results help at choosing a substrate that fits the potting behaviour and way of growing.

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Practical tool
The standard compressing of potting soil is indicated with the potting reference. This reference has been determined by measurements at nurseries in practice. Various measurements were executed with various substrates in various cultures. Subsequently it has been determined per potting soil by RHP which pressure must be pursued to attain practical compaction. This pressure resulted in a new value: the RHP potting reference.
The potting reference is a practical tool at determining:
• physical properties in the culture;
• quantity of fertilisers;
• adjustment of recipes that fit to the way of potting and growing;
• soil usage.

Together with the spreadsheet, the potting reference gives insight in the potting behaviour.

Further improvement substrates?
Do you want to adjust recipes, so that they are better adjusted to a certain way of potting and growing? RHP gladly advises you.

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