New growing media

Focus points of acting with new growing media

In the coming years, growing media, and in particular potting soils, for floriculture and tree nurseries will change significantly. The use of peat in this growing media will be greatly reduced and more peat-free growing media will be used in horticulture. As a result, the properties of growing media also change. It is important for growers to anticipate. 

When acting with new growing media it is even more important to take into account safety, pH and nutrition and physical characteristics. Important focus points for an optimal start of the culture. Acting with new growing media doesn't only require the attention of substrate producers, but certainly also from growers. Cultures on new growing media may require adjustments in the cultivation method, for example in terms of irrigation and fertilisation.

Replay videos webinars

On March 18, April 1 and April 15, 2021, RHP has organised 3 webinars for (independent) consultants on this topic. In these webinars the most important aspects were addressed that growers need to take into account in their current culture and when changing to a new growing medium. You can watch the (English) replay videos here. Also on this page you will find links to the summaries of the webinars for certified companies on new growing media. 

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