Coir products

 a SUBSTRATE WITH A good processable, homogeneous, fine structure AND a reasonably high air content

What are coir products?

Coir products are coir pith, coir fibre and coir chips. These come from the washed coconut husk. Coir products, if stabilised in the right way, have a long lifetime.


Among others India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Dominican Republic.

Properties and application

Coir pith is used as pure substrate for different crops or as component in potting soil mixtures. It knows a very wide range of applications by the combination of a good processable, homogeneous, fine structure with a reasonably high air content. It retains water well, that is highly available for crops. Coir pith shows a very quick rewetting from dry conditions. Coir fibre is exclusively applied as a component in substrate mixtures for various crops. It is not applied as a pure substrate. Coir fibres can be mixed in small quantities through potting soil. The coir fibre for substrates is often chopped short. Coir fibre as pure material retains little water and is very airy as a result. Coir fibre in mixtures with peat provides an overall coarser structure that drains easily. Coir chips are increasingly more applied as structure component in substrate mixtures. Coir chips provide an open structure, through which the watering of a substrate goes easier.

Distinctive RHP quality

Coir products under RHP must be processed, to get a good nutrient level. That is, these products actually contain too much potassium, sodium and chloride. In addition there are standards for the stability of this product.

Certified companies

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