Plant response test

In order to test if raw materials and growing media are plant safe

In order to test if raw materials and growing media are plant safe, RHP can do a plant response test. To assess the results properly, the achievement of some indicator crops on the product to be tested is always compared to a reference.

A plant response test is executed to test if raw materials and growing media are safe for crops. There are various methods to examine raw materials and growing media, however not everything can be determined by a laboratory analysis. A plant response test with test crops therefore serves as the ultimate test. Plant response tests are also used in the development of new raw materials to test the suitability for application in growing media.

When a plant response test?

A plant response test can be done to:

  • test the safety and suitability of a raw material or growing medium for a certain culture.
  • test (organic) fertilisers in a growing medium.
  • find out, as diagnosis tool, if the growing medium plays a role in for example stunted growth of your culture.

How is the plant response test executed?

The plant response test is, according to the EN standard, done on the raw material or growing medium to be tested for plant safety. If the raw material is to coarse to sow on, then an extract is drawn with a balanced nutrient solution which is added to the culture system. The germination and growth of the crops is analysed during 2 till 3 weeks, depending on the season. In addition to the raw material or substrate to be examined, also always a standard mixture is used as a reference to compare with. The plant response test is normally executed with sensitive crops like lettuce and Chinese cabbage. When there are specific problems with a certain crop, then that crop is tested if desired.

Have a raw material or substrate tested?

Would you like to have a plant response test performed for a (new) raw material or substrate? RHP is happy to advise certified companies about this. Do you want to develop new recipes and have executed a plant response test? RHP gladly advises certified companies on this. Do you, as a grower, want to test whether a raw material or growing mdium is safe for your crop? This is possible with a plant response test. Ask for advice at one of the RHP-certified companies.

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