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31 january 2019

Every year, over 10,000 product analyses are carried out in the laboratory for the RHP quality mark. Product samples that you provide for this with a fully completed, current RHP sample form can be processed quickly and correctly by RHP. RHP certified companies can download the latest versions of the RHP sample forms at My RHP.


Requested specifications for product samples that you send to RHP must always be completed on the form. Also, for more and more products you have to fill in the sub-product. Only when all information is complete, RHP can process the sample. Do you need help with filling in the specifications on the form? Please contact your technical advisor at RHP. We are happy to help you!

1 sample = 1 form

For one sample, multiple analyses can be requested on one form. It is not necessary to fill in multiple forms.

Your own form?

If you prefer to use a different form than the RHP sample form, for example your own form, please regularly check which data RHP requires for the correct processing of your samples. This is most easily done by comparing the current RHP sample forms on My RHP with your own form.

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