New RHP sample forms on My RHP

26 april 2018

For RHP certified companies there are new RHP sample forms available on My RHP. If you use the most current and fully completed sample forms, RHP can process your samples quickly and correctly.

In accordance with changes in the RHP product certification scheme, there are new and renewed RHP forms for sending in samples, namely: 300 B, 300 Biostimulants (new!), 300 C, 400, 410, 450, 460, 470, 490, 610, 630 and 715 (for mulch; new!). Using the current and fully completed sample forms when sending samples to RHP will be beneficial for a prompt and correct process.


The RHP sample form 300 Biostimulants is one of the new forms. You can use this for sending samples of biostimulants. On My RHP under Documents for RHP certification, in the document Information on the notification of biostimulants further explanation is stated about the procedure for sending samples of biostimulants and their analyses and publication on the list of B/BE products.

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