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The RHP specialists jointly have more than a century of knowledge at their disposal. They regularly travel to production areas of several raw materials in the whole world. They also know the whole production chain extremely well. Sharing this knowledge is important, so that the quality of substrate increases.

Advices optimize processes 

Improvement analyses of certified sites are a regular part of the service of RHP. The certified sites are visited and subjected to a thorough inspection. In the final report, clear advises for further optimisation of the safety and quality are stated.

Training and workshops

Knowledge transfer to new employees and knowledge deepening for existing employees. In addition to basis courses, RHP also offers specific workshops, which treat topical subjects. Some examples:

Workshop “What is in the pores; water or air?”

Water and air are essential for the plant and its roots, but when are both optimally present? How doe the contents pass off in the root environment? By means of combining analyses and measurements - which you can carry out yourself – in the culture, it becomes clear how it works and how you can optimize this yourself. The latest results of the collective research are presented and cross-connections with existing knowledge about water and air are passed in review. After this workshop you are completely up-to-date in the field of water content, water uptake and air.

Basis course Potting soil and Substrates (production- and inside staff) 

It is very important for production employees to have basis knowledge of product properties and processes at their disposal. These subjects are extensively treated. From evaluation and experience it appears that this course is pre-eminently suitable for inside staff employees. After joining the course, the knowledge level has increased, the received knowledge is practical and it also increases the commitment to the organisation.

Growing Media A 

This course is especially suitable for (new) sales representatives and culture advisers. But Growing Media A also has an added value for employees who want to grow within the organisation. The course offers insight in the chemical, physical and biological properties of substrates. Essential aspects about potting soil and substrates are treated; from fertilization and air- and water system to weeds.

Growing Media B

Are you already experienced in the position of sales representative / culture adviser? Or did you attend Growing Media A and would like to specialise in for ex. physical aspects and weeds? Then Growing Media B is suitable for you. Growing Media B provides insight in the physical and chemical processes and all corresponding aspects. Also learning how to read several analyses is part of Growing Media B.

Course internal auditor – Specialisation 

In several RHP certified companies, internal auditors are active. They often inspect in commission of the quality worker whether the company complies with its own agreements. These agreements have been recorded in the quality manual. From an auditor it is expected that he or she can determine if the company complies with the RHP standards. This is often considered difficult. RHP has developed the course internal auditor for this purpose. Co-workers who have attended the standard course internal auditor, can further qualify for doing audits of the RHP company. In addition to a short brush up on the general audit techniques, the see through of the RHP certification scheme in a simply way is treated. The emphasis of the course is on the judgment of practical situations and recognizing items for improvement. A role-playing based on the production of substrate(raw materials) also is part of this course.

Plant physiology and Substrate 

RHP organises this deepening course in cooperation with an external plant physiologist. If you visit growers daily, you are continuously confronted with plant processes. The way a substrate acts in a culture situation is better understood when you have knowledge of these processes. Plant physiology in relation to the substrate is central.

RHP Courses Tree substrates for public green spaces (RAG Landscaping) 

All aspects of tree substrates in urban areas are treated in this course. Think of the discussion of among others chemical and physical properties and of the developments in the field of (research) methods of tree substrates. Qualitatively good tree substrate is essential for a good and healthy growth of trees and plants in urban area.

EN volume and potting in practice (only in-company)

RHP research has proved that volume is more than the quantity needed to fill a number of pots. Through better management of volume, qualitative better and more constant potting soils can be made. Besides EN-volume has resulted into a better grip on the potting behaviour of the grower. With the use of this knowledge in practice, further improvements in a culture are possible.

Assessment of raw materials (only in-company)

The quality of raw materials is determining for the substrate that is made of it. There are several raw materials that can vary in time concerning quality. It is important to have knowledge of raw materials. With this knowledge it can be estimated if adjustments are necessary. This in-company course occurs at a production site.

Assessment of peat works (only in-company)

The quality of a peat works and the processes that take place, influence the peat product, that is made at a peat works. As a result of assessing the peat works with the local co-workers and indicate why there are certain wishes, it is possible to conduct improvements quickly. Experience has shown that this motivates employees.

Do you need for other expertise?

In joint consultation we can also organise an in-company course or workshop about an other subject. If you have an individual knowledge question, we gladly hear that as well.

In the event of an in-company training, several co-workers of the same RHP certified company attend a course at the same time, at the company itself or at an other location in consultation. We organise in-company courses at your request. RHP fixes the date, location, content and costs of the course in consultation with you. This is also possible in small groups.

In principle, all courses stated above can also be given as in-company course. In joint consultation, an in-company course can also be organised about specific subjects (for ex. pH in potting soil).

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