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Route to certification

The first step is to reveal your intention to certification at Stichting RHP. When a potential member for the RHP quality mark has addressed to RHP and has fulfilled some general obligations, the route to certification can be started.

Summarized, this route consists of a number of steps. These steps are:

  • Zero measurement (optional)
  • Advice to adjustment processes and/or products conform current requirement
  • Drawing up a company-own quality manual
  • Implementation quality assurance system or adjustment already existing quality assurance system

Product- and process requirements

When the quality manual with the requirements from the certification scheme have been implemented in the company, the development of the six-months declaration can be started. This declaration means that the company indicates to the Certifying Body (CI), that they are going to work according to the RHP product- and process requirements. Within these six months, the company will have to have an internal audit performed.

Towards the end of the six months, the CI will perform the certification audit. During the certification audit, it is assessed if the company complies with the requirements of the RHP quality mark. In the event of a positive assessment, the CI will grant the certificate. This certificate gives the right to carry the RHP quality mark. An indication of the required period is approximately 1 year.

Personal advice

The potential members of the RHP quality mark can use the advices of RHP for the route to certification. The regular cooperation with the technical advisers of RHP promotes an efficient introduction of the product- and process requirements. During the process, companies and/or production sites are regularly visited by the technical advisors of RHP.

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