Do you want RHP certified mulch? You can!

31 august 2020

Mulch, it comes in many variations. It is used in pot and container cultures. And it can also become RHP certified! That’s safe for the culture.

With mulch, the potting soil in the pot is covered. This is done to prevent the growth of weeds and mosses on the potting soil. Mulch is for example based on wood fibre, bark or flax and often contains additives.

Distinctive RHP quality

RHP certified mulch, including its additives, meet the requirements for plant safety. For this reason, not just any mulch may be used under the RHP quality mark. The mulch must meet the standards and requirements that have been drawn up, whereby the origin, production and any necessary sanitation process of the mulch are monitored. This offers the most security as possible that the mulch can be applied safely, without risks to the culture.

Interested in RHP certification of your mulch?

Are you interested in RHP certification of your mulch? Let us know via the form at the bottom of this page.
Are you already an RHP certified company and does this only concern a new product to be certified? Please contact your technical advisor at RHP directly.

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