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29 junE 2017

Volume measurement of substrates, it’s a subject that can still cause discussion between the substrate supplier and the customer. EN 12580, a uniform and practical method, needs to prevent discussion. But that is only possible if the method is executed completely correct. How does one do that?

Potting soil is delivered on volume basis. For precision it is important that the measuring method EN 12580 is executed completely correct. Therefore a couple of tips that need to be paid attention to:

  • Make sure you use the right tools and execute the method precisely. Use a straight, sturdy, rectangular straight-edge, with a sharp edge (preferably) of max. 5 millimetre thick and min. 500 millimetre long.
  • Be aware of the fact that the volume of the EN measurement cylinder is not necessarily exactly 20 litres. Take a look at the certificate for the exact volume of the EN measurement cylinder or calibrate it. (RHP can execute this for you, see: Help needed with calibrating EN measurement cylinder).
  • Make sure that the scales are precise. These may deviate according to the table below.


Read further below the table.

Table maximum scale interval RHP
  • Make sure that the EN measurement cylinder is stable. So for example not in an environment that trembles because of machines.
  • Make sure that the material is loosened up before the volume measurement.
  • Make sure that the fall controller doesn’t directly come into contact with the EN measurement container.
  • Fill both the EN measurement container and the ring completely up to the brim in the start-up phase.
  • Make sure that you level off the EN measurement cylinder from the middle with a sawing movement towards the two outsides.
  • Don’t bring back the material that has fallen from the fall controller onto the floor.
  • Make sure that the holes are filled after levelling off.
  • Immediately replace damaged material in order to keep the volume measurement exact.

Download the work instruction

Log into My RHP (only for certified companies), see Other downloads and download the actualised, step by step ‘Work instruction volume measurement according to EN 12580’ and the accompanying registration form.

Potting reference

See also the potting reference in the Knowledge bank. The potting reference is a practical tool when determining, among others, soil use.

Order the set

You don’t have a set to measure the volume of substrates according to EN 12580 yet? Certified companies can order it at RHP. Mail for more information to: info@rhp.nl.

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