Help needed with calibrating
EN measurement cylinder?

24 february 2017

Since 2013 it was included in the Dutch standards NEN-EN 12580, that an EN measurement cylinder must be calibrated. Calibrating the EN measurement cylinder is important for measuring the density of the peat or potting soil accurately. RHP can help you with calibrating the EN measurement cylinder.

To measure how much you deliver exactly as a raw material or substrate supplier regarding volume, you sample directly after production. With the EN measurement cylinder you subsequently determine the EN volume weight. Because of this this EN measurement cylinder could wear. As a result, the content can slowly change a bit. The differences may seem minimal, but on an annual basis, however, this could show bigger deviations in the volume of delivered soil. So it is necessary to calibrate your EN measurement cylinders (or have your EN measurement cylinders calibrated).

Calibration EN measurement cylinder

The EN measurement cylinder is placed on the scales under the right circumstances. The cylinder is filled with demineralized water and covered with a glass plate. The weight is measured, with which the exact volume of the EN measurement cylinder can be calculated. Then you can calculate with this value. In the work instruction in 'My RHP' (log in) it is explained step-by-step how you can calibrate the EN measurement cylinder yourself. Do you prefer to have your EN measurement cylinders calibrated by RHP? That is possible! For 125 Euro per EN measurement cylinder (excl. shipping costs) we take care of this. Please inform us in advance if you want to make use of it. Please send an e-mail to

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