Summary technical meeting Riga

11 APRIL 2019

For certified companies, RHP has organised on April 4th in Riga (Latvia) a technical meeting on peat bog management, peat, laboratory analyses and the efficacy of non-peat components. A brief summary…

Peat bog management

After an introduction about the future developments of growing media, the first topic was: peat bog management. Various points of attention were discussed, including the risks of weeds and nematodes, weed control, machines and tools and waste in peat bogs.

Peat and laboratory analyses

Secondly knowledge was shared about peat, the properties of this raw material, its role in substrates and milled peat versus fractions of sods/blocks. Also discussed were laboratory analyses for peat with the RHP quality mark as the WOK analysis (water uptake), sieve analysis (fractions) and lime demand and how an internal laboratory can become RHP-acknowledged after an audit.

Efficacy of non-peat components 

Finally, the efficacy of non-peat components including wood fibre, bark, perlite and coir was discussed. The importance of evaluating all aspects of a mixture when implementing new components in growing media, was pointed out. Naturally RHP knowledge and technical advisors are available for certified companies in these matters.


Didn’t you have the opportunity to attend the meeting in Riga or would you like to download the handouts of the presentations and all the information digitally? Employees of RHP certified companies can do this at My RHP > RHP presentations.

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