Sending in samples for weed test in winter period

5 oCtober 2021

Just like previous years there is a different situation concerning the sending in of samples for weed tests from 1 November 2021 to 1 February 2022. Not all samples can be tested for the RHP quality mark in the winter period. This is because the lower light intensity can influence the analysis results.

Also in the winter period

For the following situations the sending in of samples and the analysis can continue normally:

  • Samples of batches of raw materials that are processed directly in the growing media in said period. It is assumed that the raw materials are tested and assessed under the same circumstances as when these will be applied in the end product in practice.
  • Samples which have been sent for orientation.

After 1 February please

For the following situations it is requested to send the samples in after 1 February for weed tests:

  • Samples of raw materials which have been sent to check for the RHP quality mark and which will be applied in growing media after 1 February (for the most part).

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