RHP technical advisors visit coir locations in Asia

22 january 2024

Just like every year, RHP's technical advisors visited all RHP-certified coir locations in Asia in the last months of 2023. During these location visits, a risk analysis is carried out, company hygiene is central and employees are trained.

Risk analysis

RHP visits the 40 certified coir locations on the continent to carry out risk analyses. This is done in addition to the audits that the certification body carries out several times a year. Coir is an important raw material for the substrate industry. Quality and safety of this raw material are essential. In particular, the phytosanitary risks (plant diseases and tropical weeds) and contaminants require attention.

Company hygiene

Company hygiene is central during the location visits. After all, modern horticulture requires a substrate that is virtually free of pathogens. Control of the production processes is very important. Sampling and analyses are used to check whether the companies have the production processes under control. Last year, extra attention was paid to humane pathogens and legionella measurements have been carried out on site.


Employees of certified companies receive training from RHP during these location visits. It is intended to make them even more aware of possible risks. Sharing knowledge from our innovative research to the globally affiliated companies is what RHP's technical advisors do on a daily basis. In this way, they help producers to optimise their processes to make high-quality products.

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