RHP quality mark possible for plugs and other small preformed growing media

1 march 2024

For the first time, producers can certify their plugs or other small preformed growing media. These products can receive the RHP quality mark if they demonstrably meet all quality requirements. Companies that have been involved in the development process are the first to have the opportunity to start the certification process.

RHP, knowledge center for substrates, has worked hard over the past year on research into plugs and other small preformed growing media. The process started at the request of growers, breeders and plug manufacturers. In April 2022, RHP organised the first kick-off meeting about the plans with various stakeholders and companies. This was followed by the formation of a development committee of interested producers, users and experts.

Standards and measuring methods

Meanwhile, the first new standards for plugs are ready. These are described in detail in a new module, which has been added to the recently updated RHP product certification scheme. To determine whether products meet the quality mark requirements, RHP has developed new

RHP plugs small preformed growing media quality certified

measuring methods. These are methods to determine volume, dimensions, rootability, water buffer, velocity of water uptake and nutritional aspects. The determination of volume and dimensions has also been developed for the CEN (European Committee for Standards) in Brussels and European legislation. The standards not only concern maximum and minimum values, but are also strongly focused on uniformity. In addition, the plugs must meet the standard RHP quality mark requirements and, according to the standards, are therefore free from contamination with heavy metals, radioactivity, harmful substances, weed seeds, plant and human pathogens. Together with producers and users, RHP continues to expand the set of standards in the future.

Quality and joint platform

Producers who certify their plugs or other small preformed growing media can achieve greater consistency in quality. In addition, RHP has a product group structure in which affiliated, certified companies meet periodically. Such a joint platform will also be created for certified plug manufacturers. They can exchange their experiences with each other and look for improvements together with RHP experts and users (growers).

Interested in RHP certification?

Producers who are also interested in certification of plugs or other small preformed growing media can contact Daisy Otto of RHP for more information at: otto@rhp.nl. Companies that have already participated in the development process will be given priority in the certification process.

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