RHP starts standards and certification process for plugs

24 March 2022

RHP, the knowledge center and quality mark for substrates, will start developing standards for plugs and other small preformed growing media. After the development of methods to test the materials, a plug producer can be certified at the end of this year based on jointly established criteria.

The reason for RHP to start this standards and certification process is an explicit request from Dutch growers and breeders via 'Glastuinbouw Nederland' and from plug producers in the Netherlands. Problems previously led to  plug research in which various renowned growers and breeders participated. 'Glastuinbouw Nederland', which has facilitated this research, therefore applauds the initiative of RHP.

Specific requirements for plugs

Various growers and breeders have spoken out in favor of a standards and certification process for plugs. A delegation of Phalaenopsis growers indicated this to RHP during a meeting of 'Glastuinbouw Nederland' in mid-March. Culture problems and possibilities for measurement were discussed extensively here. The growers and breeders present see the solution to certain problems in standards for and certification of the production process of plugs. It is expected that the number of problems will decrease due to quality assurance in the work processes and the requirements to the plug producers.

Kick-off meeting mid-April

RHP is in talks with various Dutch stakeholders and companies and is organising a kick-off meeting about the plans in mid-April. Interested producers will then be told more about the approach to the standards and certification process for plugs, which also includes European fertiliser legislation specifically for plugs. The goal is to form a development committee of producers, users and experts for this process. Companies interested in participating can contact RHP.

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