RHP explanatory video about potting

27 march 2018

RHP has developed the potting reference. The results provide insight in the density of the substrate after potting. This helps to choose a substrate that fits the potting behaviour and the way of cultivation. Watch this in the new RHP explanatory video.

The potting reference gives an average value for how solid a substrate is put in a pot or container in practice. This value can be compared with the real potting of the substrate in practice. When the potting reference is combined with the weighing of the pots during the filling, insight can help to avoid problems. For as soon as a pot is filled with substrate, the density of the soil is set. And potting too sturdy may lead to root problems and fertilisation that deviates from what was expected, with possible culture damage as a consequence.

Specific substrate recipes 

For substrate producers the potting reference is a handy tool to draw up the recipe for a specific culture. Sometimes growers want to pot more sturdy. Then the potting reference can be convenient to change the substrate so, that it complies with the wishes for physical and nutritional properties. The potting reference can directly be determined after the production of a substrate. Volume and density are measured in a combined test. A pressure plate simulates the average potting density in practice.

More information?

See the Knowledge base for more information about the potting reference.

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