RHP certification for Van Egmond Potgrond

1 march 2024

The company Van Egmond Potgrond in Amsterdam is RHP certified with end products Horticulture and the renewable raw material wood fibre.

Based on research and inspections executed by the certification body, the company complies with the requirements as determined in the Product Certification Scheme of the RHP quality mark. With the certification of Van Egmond Potgrond now 72 certified companies worldwide have joined RHP.

About Van Egmond Potgrond

Van Egmond Potgrond is located in the Amsterdam port area. It is a family business whose history dates back to the 1920s. Van Egmond Potgrond supplies various raw materials, including RHP certified wood fibre, and produces end products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark.

Interested in becoming certified? Read more about the route to RHP certification.

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