RHP certification for Eifel-Holz

28 january 2020

The company Eifel-Holz from Belgium is RHP Horticulture certified with the product wood fibre. The granting of the RHP certificate happened this afternoon at the IPM in Essen (Germany).

Based on research and checks executed by Kiwa, the company complies with the requirements as determined in the Product Certification Scheme of the RHP quality mark. With the certification of Eifel-Holz there are around 70 certified companies all over the world connected to RHP, 5 of which have wood fibre for horticulture in their product line.

RHP certified wood fibre Eifel-Holz

About Eifel-Holz

Eifel-Holz is located in Bütgenbach, in the Belgian part of the Eifel and was founded in 1989. Besides other products the company produces the RHP certified wood fibre in a modern wood fibre factory.

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