RAG quality mark guaranteed free from Japanese Knotweed

29 maRCH 2021

More and more Dutch municipalities are fighting against the Japanese Knotweed. They are experimenting with new control methods against this rampant weed. Applying safe RAG-certified substrates in public green spaces works as a preventive solution. Prevention is better than cure. Especially in the case of this weed that is difficult to control.

Zero tolerance for Japanese Knotweed

The quality requirements for tree substrates, soil supply/garden soil, green roof substrate and raw materials with the RAG quality mark are strict. For example, RAG-certified products are the only ones that have zero tolerance for so-called ‘invasive exotic species’, including the rampant weed Japanese Knotweed.

The weed test in RHP's test greenhouse. For RAG-certified raw materials and substrates, there is a zero tolerance for invasive exotic species such as this Japanese Knotweed.

RAG quality mark

You can recognize RAG-certified raw materials and substrates by the RAG quality mark on the packaging, delivery note or invoice.

RAG-keurmerk RAG-gecertificeerde grond

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