Pressure plate for measuring potting density available again!

30 APRIL 2021

Pressure plates for measuring the potting density are available again at RHP. A pressure plate costs 80 euros (excl. VAT). Certified companies can order a pressure plate by emailing You will then be notified when you can pick up the pressure plate at RHP (Galgeweg 38 in 's-Gravenzande, The Netherlands). We can also send it to you, on your request.

Potting reference

The potting reference is the standard density that RHP has determined based on measurements at professional companies. When potting, a number of properties of the potting soil in the pot are determined. The firmness at potting strongly influences the way in which the soil in the pot retains water and allows air to enter. Once the pot has been filled, it is too late to change this. To measure the potting density you need the pressure plate and accessories of the EN 12580 method. Your own measurements, compared to the potting reference, form the basis for any adjustments to be made to your potting soil (stability, water and air amounts, nutrients).

Want to know more about the potting reference? Go to the Knowledge base!

The accessories of the EN 12580 method.

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