Damage, now what?

13 december 2016

By far in most cases substrates are applied without any complication. But sometimes a culture does not pass successfully. For example if the growth remains behind or if damage is caused to the crop. If there are signs that the substrate plays a role in it, a grower usually discusses this with his substrate supplier. To determine if the substrate could be (part of) the cause of the damages, thorough research is necessary. RHP can help you with it. The RHP Checklist 'Practical problems and crop damages' and our technical employees are always at your service.


Thorough research and good support is important in case of damage. The aim of such research is always to get clear what the role of the substrate is. In order to help you, RHP has made a checklist (see download) some years ago. This checklist states what information you can collect. It is important that you act quickly and do not overlook anything. The circumstances could change causing it to be impossible to collect all the information. And this information is necessary to be able to do thorough research, also over time, and draw conclusions.

We gladly help you

If further research into the damage is necessary, RHP will support you and the grower. It happens several times a year. For instance when the situation seems complex or when it is desirable to involve an independent party. In such a case, speak to one of the technical employees of RHP as soon as possible. If desired, we could also help ‘from a distance’. The quicker the research is started, the better. RHP has years of experience in this field and can apply specific research methods. RHP always draws up a research report of its conclusions. Experience shows that the final conclusions are often supported by all parties concerned.

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