Video RAG Landscaping: reliable tree substrate of unprecedented importance

30 september 2019

Choose a reliable tree substrate, choose a RAG certified tree substrate. Watch the video about the RAG Landscaping quality mark and find out in just a few minutes why RAG tree substrates form the basis for an optimum start of your green project. Quality of growing media matters.

Insight into tree substrate properties

Your green project deserves a reliable tree substrate. With characteristics that suit the desired effects in the application. For example for growth, water, air, bearing capacity and traffic stress. The RAG Landscaping quality mark can make an important contribution. With practical methods the quality mark offers insight into the characteristics of tree granules, tree sand and tree soil. The quality mark states clear norms for the chemical, biological and physical properties of the tree substrates. Because of these norms the producers and users can communicate clearly concerning the application possibilities of a certain tree substrate.

Quality requirements RAG quality mark

Tree substrates with the RAG quality mark are low in weeds, with a zero tolerance for invasive exotic species such as the Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica), Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianumand) and Chufa Sedge (Cyperus esculentus). The tree substrates are checked for quarantine diseases, comply with a maximum salt level (EC), contain a balanced nutritional level and have the agreed upon acidity (pH) suitable to the tree, so that it can properly absorb these nutritional elements. RAG certified tree substrates comply with all legal environmental hygienic requirements for contamination with for example heavy metals. Certified companies live up to strict norms and requirements for the production of tree substrates with the RAG quality mark. For the quality mark the whole chain of tree substrates is controlled, from excavation of the raw materials until delivery at the purchaser.

The video footage of this RAG Landscaping video was shot at or comes from RHP, the RAG certified companies AH Vrij, Den Ouden, Heicom, the companies Dura Vermeer, Liebherr, Zeldenrust and the Dutch municipalities Amsterdam, Arnhem and The Hague.

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