Video about RHP quality mark substrates

30 november 2017

From today on the video about the RHP quality mark for substrates is online. Quality of growing media matters. Minimise risks of culture damage, choose RHP certified substrates. This video explains in a few minutes why RHP substrates are the basis for an optimal start of your culture.

Unique system chain control

RHP has developed a unique system for quality control throughout the whole production chain of substrates. RHP certified companies have set up their production processes in accordance with the RHP standards. Substrates with the RHP Horticulture quality mark offer the highest possible quality and safety and thereby guarantee an optimal start of the culture.

Quality requirements

RHP substrates are free of contamination with heavy metals, radioactivity, weeds seeds, insects, plant and human pathogens, according to the RHP standard. The quality mark ensures that the substrate complies with the quality requirements for water uptake, air content, pH, EC and nutrients. The chemical and physical specifications have to be predefined, ensuring that each substrate delivery is consistent in properties.

The video material for this new RHP video is recorded at or comes from RHP, the RHP-certified companies AH Vrij, Alfarroxo, BVB Substrates, Dutch Plantin, Klasmann-Deilmann and the growers DC van Geest, Prominent, Sjaak van Schie and Vreugdenhil Young Plants.

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