Updated English leaflet about RHP

31 august 2017

Recently RHP has made an updated leaflet in English especially aimed at growers. Certified companies can use the RHP leaflet, for example, as a handout when visiting growers. Download the RHP leaflet at My RHP > ‘Other downloads’ (for employees of certified companies only).

The leaflet is about the benefits of using RHP certified substrates. The RHP certificate offers the grower the assurance that the substrate meets the quality requirements regarding, for example, water and air content, pH, EC and nutrients. For the production of RHP substrates only phytosanitary clean raw materials may be used, to minimise risks for the culture. Throughout the chain, from raw material extraction to production to delivery at the grower, the processes and products are regularly monitored by independent inspectors. In short, substrates with the RHP quality mark are the basis for a good start of the culture.

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