Unique RHP WOK apparatus renewed and improved

29 september 2017

RHP has developed a new and improved WOK apparatus for carrying out the WOK analysis. RHP and certified companies started using the first apparatuses in August.

The new apparatus was developed because of the rising demand for WOK apparatuses by certified companies. Because of this new apparatuses had to be produced and several improvements to the apparatus were therefore applied.

RHP WOK apparaat

In the laboratory setup at RHP two WOK apparatuses have been combined.

What are the most important improvements?

The first WOK apparatus was developed by RHP 10 years ago already. So the apparatus has now been improved; though, nothing has changed in the WOK analysis itself.

What changes were applied to the new apparatus?

  • The new WOK apparatus has 8 positions to measure 4 samples simultaneously. Every sample has its own unit now, that is separate from the other samples. So the measurements are more reliable, because the samples cannot influence one another. In the old apparatus all the samples were in the same unit, not separated.
  • The separate steel (water) trays are now more easily removable than with the old apparatus, which had one big tray. This is more practical when it comes to cleaning the trays.
  • The logging gear of the new WOK apparatus is more modern and logs all measurements independently, without needing a computer linked to it all the time. The data from the WOK apparatus can easily be transferred to a computer with a USB cable.
  • A last improvement is currently still being tested. This is a change to the grid that the samples are put on. These are now still made of wire steel, but may possibly be replaced by steel, perforated, round discs. This will make cleaning and putting the samples on easier.

Analysing the WOK yourself?

The new WOK apparatus is exclusively for certified companies. There is currently a small series of apparatuses made, of which a couple of copies are available. When there is more demand for new WOK apparatuses another series will be produced. You can request one at Hans Verhagen.

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