The latest in new growing media

23 december 2022

On Tuesday December 13th, RHP organised the meeting ‘The latest in new growing media’ for certified companies in the World Horti Center and online. The meeting was well attended, the reactions good and it was nice to meet each other live again. Did you miss it and are you curious what was discussed?

The handout of the presentations given this afternoon can be downloaded at My RHP (folder: RHP presentations). The link to the replay video of this meeting can also be found at My RHP in the RHP Toolbox. Under Replay video's RHP-webinars 2022 you find an overview of all the links to the replay videos from the past year.

Participants from all over the world got an overview of RHP's research in 2022.They were also given practical tools that provide insight into the properties of renewable and circular raw materials. With the raw materials transition it helps producers in the production of RHP certified new growing media, for an optimal start of the culture. Next to physical and chemical effects, current topics like human pathogens, residues and responsibly produced coir came across.

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