Technical advisors are worldwide committed to high-quality growing media

7 july 2023

For the RHP and RAG quality marks, the quality of growing media is monitored throughout the chain: from raw material extraction to processing and delivery to the user. Especially at this time of year, RHP's technical advisors make many international company visits. What exactly do they do on location?

The technical advisors visit locations where the raw materials such as bark, wood fibre, clay, coir or peat are produced or extracted, but also, for example, ports where ships are loaded that transport the substrate raw materials. The experts check for possible risks and advise on improvements. After all, the quality marks require complete control of production processes to effectively exclude possible contamination in the supply chain.

Support and advice

The technical advisors provide support and advice on location. An important tool for this is the improvement analyses. In addition to the RHP quality mark standards, it is examined whether there are points for improvement in, for example, the production process. The app that RHP uses for this leads to a report with photos. This report contains an analysis of the observation on location and an advice.

Temperature control of raw materials.

Hygiene protocol

Furthermore, the technical advisors carry out the hygiene protocol at certified substrate producers every year. The focus is entirely on hygiene and clean working. According to a fixed protocol, hygiene is assessed at a detailed level. This results in a score that can be compared with the results of the previous year. This makes it clear whether and what progress the company has made.

Risk inventory

At certain locations, the technical advisors carry out a risk inventory. For example, at a raw material supplier for an RHP raw material location, such as a sawmill for the substrate raw material wood fibre. At such a location, risks are mapped out and it is examined whether process adjustments are needed for a safe raw material. The focus in the report that follows a visit is mainly on phytosanitary aspects.

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