Summary Online Research Update November 9th

30 november 2021

At November 9th, the first Online Research Update for certified companies took place. Hans Verhagen gave a short update on the topics within the collective research that RHP is currently working on. Certified companies can download the summary and handout at My RHP under RHP presentations.

Measuring is knowing

RHP has (further) developed the following analysis:

  • The nitrogen immobilisation test that provides insight in the development and degree of nitrogen immobilisation and mineralisation (loss and release of nitrogen) of raw materials. RHP can measure raw materials on this for certified companies.
  • The pH buffer measurement for measuring the pH buffer of raw materials. On request, RHP can perform pH buffer measurements on raw materials and growing media for certified companies.
  • The 1:5 analysis with water and CAT to measure nutrition in various raw materials and which provides good insight in what a raw material already brings with it in a mixture, so that the fertilisation can be adjusted accordingly.

In the coming period, RHP will continue to work on element availability in cultures and on a basic model with water and air contents per raw material and their effect in a mixture.

Important for growers!

  • When using peat-free or peat-poor mixtures, it is important to consider which adjustments in the culture are necessary and to ensure targeted irrigation and fertilisation.
  • Because growers usually can’t control a test section separately, in many cases small steps and learning along the way are the only way to a successful switch to a new mixture.
  • Regular contact between substrate supplier and grower about the new mixture and how it behaves in the culture, is necessary.

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