Soil products with RAG quality mark are unsuspected in terms of PFAS

21 oCtober 2019

What about PFAS when applying RAG certified soil products? This infographic explains it step by step.

RAG PFAS Dutch soil legislation

Since 1 October 2019, the temporary plan of action for PFAS (in Dutch: tijdelijk handelingskader PFAS) has been in force in The Netherlands. The PFAS standard referred to herein only applies to raw materials that fall under the Dutch soil legislation 'Besluit Bodemkwaliteit'. The soil quality class for which a mixed soil product such as tree sand or tree soil may be used depends on the PFAS content tested.

PFAS under 0,1 μg/kg soil

Soil products with RAG quality mark are unsuspected and with a PFAS content below 0,1 μg/ kg soil may be applied in the soil quality class Landbouw en Natuur (Agriculture and Nature). If the PFAS content is between 0,1 and 3 μg/kg soil, the soil products may be applied for the soil quality class Wonen (Residential areas), provided that the PFAS content of the receiving soil is higher than that of the soil product. Please note: soil products with a PFAS content higher than 3 μg/kg soil may not be applied.


Do you have any questions about the infographic or regarding the application of raw materials that are not covered by the Dutch guideline BRL 9335-4? Please contact our technical advisor Rob Scholman, e-mail:

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