Second edition book ‘Soilless Culture: Theory and Practice’ 

27 june 2019

The second edition of the book Soilless Culture: Theory and Practice has been released.


The book Soilless Culture: Theory and Practice is a completely revised and improved version with important insights concerning all current growing media for the growing of plants. This book is the first official reference book for theoretical as well as practical aspects of growing plants in substrates. It is the main source for everyone that is involved, and it also contains information about hydroponics and the latest developments concerning technologies and methodologies. The book gives insights into physical as well as chemical properties of different substrates.

Soilless Culture Theory and Practice

It also pays attention to how these properties influence the plant results during fundamental horticulture activities, such as irrigation and fertilization. Apart from that, the book describes the newest technical developments and methodologies, including run-to-waste, recirculation and closed systems.

RHP’s Gerrit Wever contributed to chapter 11, Analytical Methods Used With Soilless Substrates.

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