Search for alternative raw materials for soil improvers

12 may 2023

Fen peat is used as the main raw material for RAG-certified soil improvers. The availability of fen peat is a bottleneck. This is due to sustainability issues around peat extraction. There is also less construction in the Netherlands, which reduces the construction pits that produce fen peat. Alternatives must be sought.

Among others tree nurseries in open-field in Boskoop (The Netherands) depend on high-quality soil improvers. With RAG-certified soil improvers, the tree growers ensure that the soil doesn’t pollute and that the trees can grow optimally. Due to the lack of available fen peat, it is necessary to look for fully-fledged alternatives that are available in large volumes. In addition to the availability of fen peat, water quality also plays an important role. Part of the nutrients in soil improvers leach into the surface water. When improving water quality, the raw materials in soil improvers must also be considered. 

Research project alternative raw materials

For this, Delphy wants to coordinate a research project. This project is expected to start next year. The project will be carried out in collaboration with other parties, including RHP as the knowledge centre for substrates.

RAG laagveen aanvulgronden

RHP and RAG quality mark

With alternative raw materials, Delphy would like to realize soil improvers with the RAG quality mark. That is why RHP technical advisor Rob Scholman was asked to participate in the project. He will play an advisory role. Suppliers of RAG soil improvers and raw materials are also asked to participate in this project.

RAG-certified companies can contact Rob Scholman for more information about the project and with interest in participation.

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