RHP explanatory video about phytosanitary clean peat for bulb packaging

21 december 2017

Dutch flowerbulbs are exported all over the world. To protect them from damage and dehydration during transport, the bulbs are packaged in sanitized crates filled with peat. Peat with the RHP quality mark is also for this application safe: originating from controlled areas, phytosanitary clean and completely free of harmful nematodes. See for yourself in this explanatory RHP video.

Countries that import the bulbs usually demand strict requirements to the products, for example because of possible diseases and plagues. This new RHP explanatory video shows that peat with the RHP quality mark offers the highest possible safety, also for packaging flowerbulbs for export.

The video material for this RHP explanatory video is recorded at or comes from the knowledge centre for substrates RHP, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs and the RHP certified companies BVB Substrates and Klasmann-Deilmann.

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For more information concerning phytosanitary clean peat as packaging for flowerbulbs export click here.

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