RHP is going to digitize process to send product samples

16 june 2023

RHP is at an advanced stage to digitize the process for sending product samples. Where certified companies now fill out and print a form with a pen or on the computer, this will be done completely digitally this fall via the new registration module: Hermes.

For certified companies that send (product) samples for control analysis to external laboratories as part of the certification, this will soon be much easier in the digital environment. The administrative process also becomes less error-prone and a lot more efficient. The current way of sending product samples with the sample forms on paper will be phased out.

New way of sending samples

In the new way, users log into Hermes and fill out all the necessary data if they want to send a product sample. The sample is then given a unique characteristic (data matrix) which is attached to the bag containing the product sample using a printed document before the sample is sent to the laboratory.

Data will be automatically linked

Due to the unique characteristic, all data can be automatically linked to each other in the systems. The data will be connected behind the scenes between the new online registration module Hermes and the existing database with research results Minerva. The communication of analysis results and their assessment in Minerva remain the same for certified companies.

Extensive testing first

Extensive testing is currently underway with the newly developed software. This fall, Hermes will be accessible via the website. One place will be created where all RHP login environments can be found: Hermes, Minerva and My RHP.

More user info will follow 

Of course, more information and an extensive manual for users will follow. The intention is that of each certified company at least one person will receive a personal account, linked to the company and business email address. This is usually the person who also has a Minerva account.

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