RHP team expanded with Elroy Hokke and Richard Bremmer 

10 may 2024

RHP has recently added two new colleagues to the team. Since 1 April Elroy Hokke is working at RHP as a research assistant. And 1 May Richard Bremmer has started as a technical advisor at RHP.

Elroy Hokke

Elroy has joined the research team in the laboratory and the test greenhouse. He has seven years of work experience in the horticultural sector, in various positions, including as a manager in orchid cultivation. Elroy is now working as a research assistant at RHP for more than a month. “It seemed like a fun, varied job to me beforehand and I have noticed that I like this variety in the work between the laboratory and the test greenhouse.”

Richard Bremmer 

Richard has many years of experience working in the substrate sector. In addition, he obtained his HBO bachelor degree in Sales and Account Management seven years ago. Before that, he had his own greenhouse in various plants. Last week, Richard started at RHP as a technical advisor. “Working on the technical side of both growing media and fertilization gives me energy. I am looking forward to specialising and deepening my knowledge, in order to advise the certified companies.”

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