RHP researches residues of crop protection agents in substrate raw materials

20 september 2016

How many residues of crop protection agents are in the substrate raw materials? In order to get the answer to this question, RHP is currently performing an orientating research under nearly all RHP certified raw materials. The results are expected this autumn.

Sustainability and environment 

Pressed by environmental organisations, Dutch garden centres established objectives for the present residues of crop protection agents. The cause was the crushing Greenpeace report. Plants on the shelf may not be a threat to bees. More and more often the market makes demands on the level of sustainable enterprising. The impact on the environment must be minimised. These developments are an important reason for RHP to start this research.

Analysis of over 800 matters

Producers of many RHP raw materials were asked to send in samples. The product groups played an important role in requesting these samples. Each substrate sample is analysed by RHP for over 800 different active matters of pesticides and herbicides.

Results this autumn

In the meantime RHP has set a norm for organic fertilisers. For all other raw materials the research is (still) for orientation. The individual results will be discussed with the members coming autumn. An anonymous report will be drawn up for each product group. Further steps will be determined depending on the results.

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