RHP Peat Bog Flora must-have on every peat bog!

21 june 2024

The time of weeds is now in full swing. In peat bogs, weed management is of great importance. The RHP Peat Bog Flora is an indispensable tool for identifying the plants and contains removal advice. Order the handy booklet now for € 29.50 (ex. VAT and excl. shipping costs). RHP-certified companies get a discount!

The RHP Peat Bog Flora is a useful tool for identifying plants in peat bogs in an early stage. The booklet contains, among other things, photos and maps that help with determination. In addition, it is indicated per plant whether you should remove it and if so, how. Or, if you can leave the plant. Good plants can help prevent the growth of weeds.

Useful tool

The RHP Peat Bog Flora helps peat producers to efficiently carry out weed checks in their peat bogs, which saves them time and money when applied correctly. For proper management of the weed situation on a peat bog, it is recommended that each team involved in weed control has one or more RHP Peat Bog Floras. The booklet is also interesting for employees of substrate producers visiting growers and their consultants to assess weed situations in horticultural cultivation.

RHP Peat Bog Flora 2023

New 2023 version

The ‘RHP Peat Bog Flora’ is written in English. The plant names are also stated in Estonian, Finnish, German, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Dutch. This is an updated version (reprint from 2023), which contains a number of revisions in text and images. The weed booklet is also completely in the current RHP corporate design.


The new RHP Peat Bog Flora can be ordered by emailing Ben de Jong. State the desired number of booklets, your name, company name, shipping address and billing address with VAT number and possibly reference number. The 'RHP Peat Bog Flora' costs € 29.50 each (ex. VAT and excl. shipping costs). RHP-certified companies receive a discount.

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