RHP organises online technical meeting ‘Acting with New Growing Media’

30 october 2020

Friday afternoon October 30th RHP organised an online technical meeting about acting with New Growing Media. Over hundred international participants from RHP certified companies came online to see and listen to the presentations and ask questions about the challenging developments for the sector.

EU legislation

And the world around us is quite challenging. Director of RHP Hein Boon and the first speaker this afternoon, explained what is coming our way: “EU legislation for fertilisers and growing media, the EU Green Deal and allocation of environmental impacts during a crop to the growing medium used.” About the EU Fertilising Products Regulation that came into force in June 2019 with a 3-year transition period, he emphasized: “The implementation will come into force as from Jun 2022. There is still a lot of work to be done on methods, interpretation of requirements and exact scope. It’s important for cross-border sales. Only some aspects are regulated, mainly

safety. Quality and ‘fit for purpose’ will be covered by RHP.” Hein also talked about Growing Media Europe and the development of an harmonised methodology for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Chairman of the day was Marco Zevenhoven, deputy director/technical advisor at RHP.

peat-based. In order to develop successful growing media, it is important now to know and understand how things really take place. New Growing Media not only demand adaptation in composition, growers must also adapt their cultivation measures,” knows Hans. He pointed out all aspects to be considered when acting with New Growing Media: plant tolerance, nutrition pH behaviour, physical characteristics, stability, vulnerability, shelf life and application. About these aspects there will be webinars for RHP certified companies as from Q1 2021. Later on also external consultants and advisors will be involved in the new developments. Hans also explained the new developed analysis methods and called the certified companies to analyse new raw materials with the new RHP methods.

Certified companies can download the hand-outs of the online technical meeting at My RHP under Presentations.

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